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The Horus Heresy: The Master of Mankind


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Book 41: The Master of MankindA Horus Heresy novelAs war splits the galaxy, the Emperor toils in the vaults beneath His Palace. But his great work is in peril, with the forces of Chaos closing in?READ IT BECAUSEAt last, the secrets of the Emperor's project beneath the Palace will be revealed, and you'll get a closer look at the Emperor Himself than ever before.THE STORYWhile Horus? rebellion burns across the galaxy, a very different kind of war rages beneath the Imperial Palace. The?Ten Thousand? Custodian Guard, along with the Sisters of Silence and the Mechanicum forces of Fabricator General Kane, fight to control the nexus points of the ancient eldar webway that lie closest to Terra, infested by daemonic entities after Magnus the Red?s intrusion. But with traitor legionaries and corrupted Battle Titans now counted among the forces of Chaos, the noose around the Throneworld is tightening, and none but the Emperor Himself can hope to prevail.Written by Aaron Dembski-BowdenPaperback.