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The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats


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Attention Adventurers! Grab your dice and get ready to roll initiative as the game is afoot and it just went modular!The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats offer a set of two adaptive books of RPG battle maps which line up to create one endlessly evolving dungeonStandard entry/exit points and a 360° spine allow you to create anything up to a 24?x24? play area from a set of books that fits on your bookshelf and in your bag!This pair of books have 1 foot square (12″x12″) RPG battle mat pages and are a must have tool to illustrate your game and track your dungeon combat scenes.A Modular Pair of Battle Mat BooksThe Dungeon Books of Battle Mats is an invaluable part of any Game Master?s toolkit. Designed to illustrate and help track encounters as well as spark the imagination a little, this tool hugely reduces game preparation time.Portable, fits in your bag or on a bookshelfFlexible and adaptive with a large play areaLimitless dungeon maps at your fingertipsCan be used with any fantasy RPG!Create Endless DungeonsThe Dungeon Books of Battle Mats build on our experience of creating Battle Mat books, and has these key features:Presented as a 2 book set in a soft slipcase2 modular books each with 40 map pagesLay flat wipe clean battle mapsCreate up to 24? x 24? battle map areasEasily storable and portable book format1 inch grid throughoutDungeon themed designsReduces game preparation timeEliminates the need to draw maps in game360° spine can fold in half if space is tightEach page is a mapOpposing pages work togetherJust open& Roll!