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Promo Santo Domingo: Silver Train


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Expansion to Santo Domingo (also compatible with Visby).RulesThe general rules of the basic game apply with the following amendments and exceptions.Game PreparationShuffle the 12 tiles”Silver Train” and place one of them face-down in the box. Put the rest in a pile and reveal the topmost tile. Create a common supply with as many markers”+30 / +60 Seals” as players participate.The wooden markers on the board are not advanced according to the values on the board. Instead, move all 3 wooden markers on theboard as indicated on the open Silver Train paying attention to the number of players. When you have advanced the wooden markers on the board, you draw the top tile from the face down pile and place it face up on the current tile. The game ends when the stack of Silver Train tiles is empty. When the last open tile has been used, you continue to play the current round and the complete the final scoring as usual.