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Promo Puerto Rico: Buccaneer


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Place the role placard?Buccaneer? with the other starting role placards. Follow all other rules for the number of players in the game. When a player chooses the buccaneer role, they choose one of the four options to perform on that turn. This action applies only to that player and does not affect the other players.Piracy: Remove all goods from any transport ship. Store up to three of the removed goods.Plunder: Remove all goods from the trading house (not warehouse). Take one victory point for each removed good.Raid: Reduce the number of colonists on the colonist ship to the minimum number (= number of players). Keep up to 3 of the removed colonists and use them immediately on your island (but do not add them to San Juan!). Return any remaining removed colonists to the supply.Kidnapping:?Catch? any unused role by placing it in front of you. Take all the doubloons on this role. If an opponent still wants to use this role, take additional 3 doubloons from the bank. If this role was not used until the end of the round, play it by yourself.In addition:If the buccaneer card was not chosen, do not place a doubloon on it at the end of the round.Anyone who has taken the buccaneer role, may only take it again, after it has been taken by another player. When a player takes the buccaneer role they also take the?reward? card. That small card stays with the player until another player takes the buccaneer role.