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Promo Counterfeiters: Action Improvements


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This promo pack adds 10 cards to Counterfeiters. Action Improvement cards are chosen at the start of the game; they are NOT shuffled into the black market stack. Beginning with the starting player and going in clockwise order, players will each take a turn choosing one of the available cards. Then, starting with the last player and going in counter-clockwise order, each player will select one more card. Any cards remaining will not be used in this game.TheAction Improvementcards are marked according to player count. You will use 5 Action Improvement cards for a 2-player game, and 7 for a 3-player game. 4-player games will use all 10 Action Improvement cards. Players must place their selected Action Improvements face-up in front of them on the table, and visible to all players.Each Action Improvement card may be used once per game, on a player?s own turn, in order to improve a specific action. Only one Action Improvement card may be used on a given turn. Once one of these cards has been used, turn it facedown.