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It?s springtime! It?s time to take care of your farm! Choose the best cards to build the fence around your farm and protect your herds. Watch out, the wolf roams and can appear at any time! Will you be the one having the most Animals and Cornfields at the end?How to playEveryone has their own farm in front of them that they must expand. At your turn, you pick a card among the four in the centre of the table. If it?s a Fence card, you add it domino-like to the farm, making sure to keep building your fence. If you chose an Animal card: add the Animal to your farmyard. Protect your animals and cornfield as musch as you can from the Wold, who scare away the un-protected animals!NaamSpeelduurAantal spelersLeeftijdUitgeverDesignerSoortTaalTaalonafhankelijkFarmini15 minuten1-45+LOKIMarie Fort,Wilfried FortKinderspel, TegellegspelEngels, Duits, FransJa