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Welcome to Fosko, a city full of opportunities for the daring, a merciless universe where you shall make your way to the top. There, you will impersonate a pair of characters who will try to gain control of the city by successfully achieving three of the four victory conditions available. You move each of your characters from district to district to accomplish your goals, hoping that your opponents do not see it coming too quickly. You may choose to become rich, powerful, or both; to fiddle just a little or to do it a lot; and to let your friends carry out their own plans?or not!Your unlikely duo inEdgar& Lucienconsists of a puppet and a human:Lucien, the wooden and political man, is loved by the people and envied by his peers. His strength lies in his natural eloquence and talent for diplomacy.Edgar, the brain, sly and cunning, is always ready to get into any kinds of shenanigans to bring his and his partner's projects to fruition.Working together, they try to take control over the city and build your own legend.In more detail, each player must manage their two characters to gain control over the city and win the game. Everybody programs their movement secretly and simultaneously, then uses the action for each of their characters. Lucien, as a politician, rallies the people and extends his influence on the board, while Edgar chases other Luciens and tries to set up shenanigans. You win by combining three victory conditions (with four possible) that measure your capacity to extend your influence, make a lot of money, and be popular to the people. Find your own way to take over Fosko!NaamSpeelduurAantal spelersLeeftijdUitgeverDesignerSoortTaalTaalonafhankelijkEdgar& Lucien45-75 minuten2-412+Guru FabricStéphane GantiezStrategieEngels, FransNee