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Degenesis: Black Atlantic


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Hardcover boek voor de Degenesis RPG, Engelse versie, 278 full-color pagina's.Briton. The end of the world. A rugged coast, a free people. Anabaptists and their chapels, as far as the eye can see. Wheat is in full bloom and peace hangs over the land like a benevolent veil. The influence of Souffrance is but a distant echo. It is a place defined by its legends. But whosoever wipes away the dust of the story, quickly discovers that underneath a web of unhealed scars lays hidden. An invisible threat is on shore leave. For five hundred years it has been waiting, relentlessly biding its time, snaking along the coastline. Now the moment has come and it can finally leave the water.This book contains the truth about northwest Franka, the sixth Chakra, as well as the machinations of theMarauders .It offers new possibilities for seasoned players to unravel the mystery of Jehammed's will. The chapter”STARFIRE” introduces Briton's epic history, describing the country, its people and their conflict with the Primer spawn. It also provides the scene and starting point for the present story.”BURNT IDOLS” unleashes the destructive forces hidden in Briton and sheds light on the dramatic events unfolding in the background. The adventure”BLACK ATLANTIC” sends players on a merciless odyssey through Briton, where they are confronted with dangers of past, present and future.”THROWN TO THE GODS” provides a brilliant end to the campaign and details what is to come.BLACK ATLANTIC combines the strengths of a regional sourcebook with a variety of background information for a scenario that can instantly be played. It lays the foundation for one-of-a-kind gaming sessions on the northwest coast of Franka. At the sametimeit ties up loose ends of previous narratives and foreshadows approaching events in the world of DEGENESIS.