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Castles of Burgundy: The 4th Expansion (Monastery Boards)


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The 4th Expansion is a new game board with Monasteries printed next to the play area.It comes with 4 new boards numbered 13a to 13h (back to back 13a-13e, 13b-13f, 13c-13g, 13d-13h)The following rules are then added to the basic game play of”The Castles of Burgundy”:As soon as a player creates a direct, straight connection between two monasteries with 5 connecting tiles on his game board, he earns 5 victory points.The first player to complete all three connections between his monasteries wins an additional bonus of 5-7 victory points (for a 2-4 player game). The second player to complete all three connections wins 2-4 victory points.This means that a player can win a maximum of 3×5 + 7 = 22 additional victory points over the course of one game.