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Call of Cthulhu: The Stars are Right!


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THE NEW MILLENNIUM: a time wracked by violence, racism, AIDS, drug abuse, and all-consuming fear. Hollow politicians offer empty promises of the bright future? a thousand points of light which none can see. That which is greater than mankind lurks beyond the rim of human consciousness. It patiently watches, waiting to assume command of our destiny. It preys on the fearful, the hateful, and the hated. Dark thoughts and emotions are set free to prowl the earth, taking what they will, where they will, and as they will. We cower in our homes, quaking behind the false security of tall fences, locked doors, and television? to no avail. The stars are right and cannot be denied. AZATHOTH? CTHUGHA? DAOLOTH? GHROTH? Y?GOLONAC? YOG-SOTHOTH!These are the voices heard by those whose fears have led to the brink of madness, and beyond.CHAPTERSLove's Lonely Children Nemo Solis Sapit This Fire Shall Kill The Professionals Fractal Gods The Gates of Delirium The Music of the Spheres Darkest Calling The Source and the End When the Stars Came Right Again